Think green for your office environment

Think Aberfeldy Nurseries Corporate Plant Installation & Maintenance Service

No matter whether its a reception area, an open plan office or a boardroom, the installation of indoor plants can bring a vital living presence that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy too!

The team at Aberfeldy can help you choose the right plants for any office location. To find out more about our service call us on 236-2927.


What's in store!

Garden Pharmacy

• A selection of ready-to-use garden insect and disease control products
• Home Pest Control/Home Defence
• Weed Contol products including: Roundup, Ortho Weed B Gone, Maxide, Weed n Feed

Fertilizers & Growing Mixes

• Aberfeldy Professional Growing Mix. Blended by professionals for professionals specifically for use in Bermuda
• Fafard products including: Professional Growing Mix 3.8 Bale
Potting Mix –10, 20 and 64 quart
• Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
• Soil Ammendments including: Black Kow 25lb and 50lb & Black Hen 20lb

Miracle Gro products including: Miracle Gro, Potting Mix and Garden Soil
• Shake n Feed
• Plant Food Spikes
• Hose-end Liquafeed
• Fertilizers (25lb) including: 7-5-6 Citrus, 6-4-8 Total Lawn Food, 12-2-14 Palm Special & 10-5-10 All Purpose
• Jack’s Classic Water Soluble Fertilizers All Purpose 20-20-20 Blossom Booster 10-20-30 Houseplant Special 15-30-15 Acid Special 10-5-10
• ClassiCote Time Release Fertilizer (2lb or 25lb) 16-9-23

Organic products also available

Orchid Supplies

OFE Charcoal, orchid mixers, Spaghnum moss, wooden orchid baskets, terracotta pots & more


• Husqvarna Power tools
• Hand Gardening tools
• Children's Gardening tools and accessories

For Garden Accessories, & more.

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