Aberfeldy Nurseries is a regular editorial contributor to Bermuda Homes & Gardens Magazines. Every issue we
supply helpful information for you the reader to learn a lttle more about the what, when, where and why of gardening! We were also the subject of an article by Peter Carpenter that published in April 2007.

Editorial Features

Add Some Colour to your life

Creating your Own Container Gardens and Decorative Planters

Apr 07
Springtime Garden

How to choose the right bedding plants for your

Apr 07
A Gardener’s Source

An inorfmative article about Aberfeldy Nurseries
by Peter Carpenter

June 07
All About Lawns

The green, green grass of home

Aug 07
Colours of Summer

Heat tolerant plants and the Colours of Summer

Oct 07
Fall Planting

Grow Your Own Strawberries